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Name: Dance
Time: 3:00-4:00pm /Tuesday and Thursday at the 504(PE Room)
Overall Description:
The goals of this activity are to introduce dance to students and help the students to develop their creativity through creating their own dance choreography. Dancers will have different dances every week from easy to intermediate. At the end of the activity, the students should produce their own simple dance choreography.
The students will learn the following:
  • • How to use the Elements of Dance on a dance piece that they will create.
  • • Zumba dance
  • • Modern dance
  • • Dance choreography
Weekly Guide/Main Activities:
Week 1-2: Elements of Dance
Weeks 3-4: Simple dance making (2-4 steps)
Weeks 5-7: Zumba dance
Weeks 8-10: Dance Choreography
Materials: Speaker, TV, Computer, Cellphone
Resources: Youtube and Teacher


Broadway Musical



Boys Soccer

Boys Basketball


Golf - Beginning – Advance
Teacher: Ms. Josi
Place: Clark Air Force Golf Course.
Time: Monday / Wednesday

Overall Description:
Golf is a challenging and humbling game. My goal is for each golfer at SPAS to develop a lifelong love of the sport, and improve his/her skill level. Most importantly, We will demonstrate this every day in practice and at tournaments. High school golf allows golfers to compete as individuals and teams. Since it is a competitive sport, the expectation is every player will practice to improve skills and course management. Because we are a team, teamwork and unity will be stressed. We will encourage one another and assist each other to improve our games and perform at the highest possible level. “If you don’t invest much, then defeat doesn’t hurt very much and winning is not very exciting.”-Dick Vermeil
Weekly Guide/Main Activities:
  • Week: 1-2: Introduction and overview of the sport of Golf. Practice.
  • Week: 3-4: Introduction to clubs. Practice.
  • Week: 5- 6: Propers swing by club type. Practice.
  • Week: 7- 8: Introduction to fairways and green mechanics.Practice.
  • Week: 9-10: Golf course strategies. Practice.
  • Week: 11-17: Actual course practice and tournament.
Golf clubs and proper sportswear which with be defined on the first day of the activity.



Time: Monday & Wednesday 3pm-4pm in the gymnasium
TASA Overall Description:
Throughout our after school volleyball sessions students will gain a basic understanding of a volleyball game and the skills needed to play.
Students will understand the layout of a volleyball court, proper placement of players, how to score and more.
Students will participate in activities, games and drills that will provide them with skills in the areas of:
passing: proper stance, footwork, guided passes.
setting: proper stance, ball placement, guided setting.
serving: Underhand and dependent upon strength overhand guided practice.
spiking/hitting: proper footwork, placement and stance. At net work depending upon strength.

Weekly Guide/Main Activities:
Volleyball is a sport that requires the repetition of skills to become successful. Each day will follow a schedule similar to the one below:
  • 10 minutes warm-up ( stretching, passing)
  • 30 minutes skill work: this includes drills, games, paired practice.
  • 5 minutes game at net
  • 5 minutes cool-down

Volleyballs, volleyball net
Please have your student wear proper athletic footwear to play.


Yoga and Dance

Ping-Pong and Chess

Gold's Gym - Strength and Conditioning

Homework Club

Name: Homework Club
Time: Every Monday
Overall Description: The homework ASA is for students that wish to complete homework early, or wish to have a teacher present to help them through their homework. Mr. George and Ms.Kathleen will be present in room 202 from 3–4pm every Monday assisting students with their homework.

Weekly Guide/Main Activities:
  • • Students will have a full hour to work on their homework in a quiet, monitored environment where they are able to call upon the assistance of the teachers for academic needs.
  • • Respecting others and property as well as the need for a quiet and focused atmosphere will be enforced.

  • • Students will bring their homework or work to complete during this time.
  • • Writing utensils will be available
  • • If a student has no work to complete then work that is appropriate to their level will be assigned.

For questions regarding the homework club please contact Ms.Danica

Reading Afterschool Activity

Time: 3-4pm, Tuesday/Thursday, room 102
ASA Overall Description:
We will explore the wonder of books- genres (fiction, non-fiction, etc), story elements (character, setting, plot), the language of books. We will also bring some of these story elements to life. Crafts such as puppets, clay, collage will reinforce the enjoyment of our reading.

Weekly Guide/Main Activities: Tuesday- story share- reading, oral telling, video. Thursday- make a story-related craft. Role play the story.
Week 1- story- Big Al
Weeks 2- story- The Giving Tree
Weeks 3-20- TBA

Materials:assorted colours art paper, tissue paper, large-tip washable felt markers, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, large refill bottle liquid glue, felt squares


Games and Homework Club

Facilitators: Miss Catherine and Miss Kathleen
Days & Location: Monday (Games) and Wednesday (Homework) / Room 202 Elementary Bldg.
  • Participants must complete the 60-second challenge games .For each game the students will learn different kinds of skills depending on the game that they are working on. For example in the game “Defying Gravity” the students will be able to practice their tossing and balancing skills. Another game is “Cookie Stack” wherein the students can build their collaborative skills while doing the challenge.

  • Homework is considered to be anything that students are asked to do outside lesson time, which will contribute to their learning. The main purpose of this After School Activity is to enhance and support the learning of each student. The assigned teachers will provide guidance and care in order for the students to complete their homework for each week.

Weekly Guide/Main Activities:
Week 1- Team Building Activity
  • Game Title: Stack Attack
  • How to Play: The player stacks the cups into a pyramid shape starting with 6 (if you use 21 cups) or 8 (if you use 36 cups) at the bottom. In my experience with 6th and 8th graders, 21 cups is challenging enough and most players barely make the pyramid in one minute. For scoring purposes, I give points to the fastest team to make the pyramid. If you think your students are great at this game, you can ask them to get all the cups back into a single stack within the 60-second time limit

Week 2- Team Building Activity
  • Game Title: Nose Dive
  • How to Play: Petroleum jelly is placed on a paper plate, and the bowl of cotton balls is positioned next to it. The empty bowl is positioned a few feet away. When the clock starts, the player dips his or her nose into the petroleum jelly to place some on the tip of their nose. They then attempt to pick up one of the cotton balls using only their nose. When the player has secured a cotton ball, they move to the empty bowl and deposit it there, without using their hands. They must transfer 5 of the cotton balls from the full bowl to the empty one without using their hands before the 60 seconds is up.

  • Games : 20 cups
  • A Bowl of Cotton Balls, Petroleum Jelly, Paper Plates
  • Homework: Weekly Newsletter