A member of the Nacel International School System

Secondary School 6-12

Student in our secondary school program face rigorous coursework and are strongly encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills and work hard.  Our teachers challenge students to always do their best, and high expectations are the norm.  

In order to create an environment in which learning and academics are the sole focus, we have established a discipline code that removes distractions and allows students to focus on their classes.  Our students generally take 7 classes each day: 1 math, 1 social studies, 1 science, 1 foreign language, 1 language arts, and 2 electives.

We offer A.P. courses in some subject areas so that our students can prepare themselves even more for college and universities.

Graduation requirements:
48 semester credits for graduation. These 48 semester credits must also satisfy the specific departmental requirements described below.

Subject area graduation requirements are as follows:

Language Arts:
8 semester credits with 1 in Speech
8 semester credits with 1 in Speech
Social Studies:
7 semester credits with 1 in Geography,
1 in Civics,
2 in U.S. History,
1 in World History,
1 in Economics
6 semester credits
2 must be in Biology
Physical Education:
2 semester credits
1 semester credit
Fine Arts / Performing Arts: 
2 semester credits


1 semester credit


Foreign Language:
 6 semester credits (4 must be in the same language)


  9 semester credits