A member of the Nacel International School System


The Science department at Saint Paul American School follows a sequential, inquiry-based learning program, dedicated to fostering an appreciation for the essential concepts of scientific thought.

At all grade levels of science studies, students learn through a variety of hands-on experiences, including experiments, observations, and discussions regarding foundational scientific concepts. Students are encouraged to learn through the process of discovery, with emphasis on critical thinking and analysis.

Students begin with an introductory courses, covering the basic makeup of the world, from atoms to Newton’s laws. Students then progress to Biology, learning about the basics of anatomy, ecology, and the fundamentals of biochemistry.

Chemistry follows and then students culminate their studies with high-level classical and modern Physics.

The ultimate goal of the department is to allow students to learn and arrive at their own understanding of the world through exploration. We also hope to equip students with the confidence to utilize the scientific method in various aspects of their examination of the world around them.