A member of the Nacel International School System


Saint Paul American School has a library on campus for students to access books and online information. We have a licensed librarian on staff who keeps the books in order and accessible.

Additionally, students in grades 6-12 are issues a Kindle from, which they can use to access millions of books in e-book format.  Teachers of Language Arts courses very often assign readings using the Kindle, and it makes accessing books far more convenient and cost effective than a traditional library could ever be.

For our elementary students in grades K-5, we currently have hundreds of children’s books in our collection and plan to expand this further.  We have a separate library for elementary students in the elementary building.


The following annotated sites present a variety of ways in which information can be gathered and/or stored and presented from the Internet.  These serve as one of many ways to offer teachers and students access materials for research and to support the teaching and learning occurring within the Nacel International School System around the world.  Many of the sites require Internet access, although some have downloadable options once an account is created.

The Internet Archive project is a free non-profit site that offers an extensive collection of materials for researchers on their website. There are many links to other similar sites.

Open Library is a free site with millions of books contributed by state libraries and individuals. It is a part of the Internet Archive Project.  Minnesota contributes to this site.

The World Digital Library is a free resource site, in multiple languages, that present images and documents sorted by topic.

Khan Academy provides free video lessons on a variety of topics for students, as well as information for teachers. It is a non-profit that has a great reputation in the academic community and had positive results for students.

TED Talks is an initiative that stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. The short “talk” presenters range from a variety of people in different occupations, speaking about important issues and ideas. Access is free.

The Digital Public Library of America – is a platform (with apps) that presents information in a variety of forms, including audio and visual.  The resources are vast and would be helpful for teachers in preparing background information, as well as students who are researching a topic.

Project Gutenberg is a digital site that provides free access to books; most are in the public domain. See the explanation for “free” on the site as well.

The Library of Congress is the official United States Government site and contains free and extensive research access.