A member of the Nacel International School System

Foreign Languages

The modern language program at Saint Paul American School is dedicated to both helping students master a foreign language, as well as introduce them to the subtleties of a new culture.

Students are required to enroll in a foreign language (either Mandarin Chinese or Spanish), which focus on both oral and written Components.

Our program takes students from beginner level to advanced.  As students progress through the program, courses increasingly focus on HSK (HanYu ShuiPing KaoShi) mastery, including levels HSK 3-6, with the expectation that graduates will reach the point of both spoken and written fluency in Chinese.

Spanish is also an option for students that allows students to add a second or third or fourth language to their skill set.

In an increasingly globalized world, language acquisition is a necessary step in promoting cultural awareness. With this goal in mind, the foreign language program works diligently to prepare students for professional success in the global community.