A member of the Nacel International School System

Elementary Pre-K to 5

The elementary academics develop students into independent thinkers who function and lead in both group and individual projects and assignments. The academics provide a strong foundation for students to further develop and remain successful through their academic career and beyond.

The Saint Paul American School elementary program was designed to help students become successful in all aspects of their education. The curriculum is based on the State of Minnesota standards, which strives to create well-rounded, intellectual thinkers. Students are encouraged to use information and experience to independently problem solve.

The elementary facilities include individual grade level classrooms, equipped with group or individual seating, white boards and computers with Mimio Technology Smartboards. The school provides a cafeteria for dining, and a covered playground for social time.

The elementary curriculum is based off of the Minnesota State Educational Standards. The curriculum is consistent throughout the grade levels so that students are connecting information from past years and will be able to better understand the information in future years.