A member of the Nacel International School System

Community Service

At Saint Paul American School, we strongly believe that it is important to give something back to our community and help those less fortunate that ourselves. We try our best to ingrain this idea into the minds of our students and have a very developed Volunteer Program for students to visit the DUYAN NI MARIA (Cradle of Mary) ORPHANAGE on a weekly basis. Our students attend the orphanage on a weekly basis in order to help clean the facilities, entertain the children, teach ESL, and offer all kinds of support. In the past two years, we have raised over US$ 6000 for the orphanage to cover food costs, which are the orphanage’s larges budgetary expense.

We are extremely proud of our students for their passion in improving the lives of others. All the members of our Volunteer Program have done exceptional work and have shown that our school consists of unselfish and generous students who care about the well-being of others. This is one of our school’s brightest areas.

Our Volunteer Program is quite selective in allowing members to join. For now, a student must attend 10 weekly sessions in order to be a “Participant”. To be a “Distinguished Member”, a student must attend 20 times in an academic year. Being a part of this requires a great deal of dedication, but a large portion of our students is a part of this group.