A member of the Nacel International School System

College Counseling

Saint Paul American School has two college counselors. One is dedicated to helping students apply to colleges and universities in the United States, while the other is dedicated to non-American colleges and universities. Both of the counselors will help students pick the universities that are most suitable for their talents, interests, geography, and financial situation. In our short history, we have already placed students at universities in the United States, Philippines, Australia, Korea, and Japan. Currently, all of our Seniors are planning to apply to strong programs in these countries.

In their 12th grade year, our students take part in a course called “Senior English” in which they hone their abilities to write essays like those on college applications. This course is taken with the college counselor and is designed to give Seniors a great deal of perspective on how to apply to colleges and also what they will do after they arrive.

We encourage students to study hard for TOEFL, SAT and HSK exams, for which we offer opportunities for students to improve.